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Marketing Solutions
At Independence Media group, we are dedicated to bringing you unique, custom programs that will inspire your consumers to action. Our expertise coupled with our managed services and world-class customer service delivers results. We create awareness and interest in your destination. We bring you closer to your customers. We get responses so that you can turn those leads into sales. We don't just aim to please; we aim to exceed all of your expectations. Our methodology is proven. We can make your custom marketing dreams a reality.

We can increase your audience through our managed services and solutions. We know the costs. We know the audience and we know the solution. We integrate your company's products and services by using both high-quality print publications and Web solutions that include websites, key word and search engine optimization, database integration, email marketing, lead generation and more. We use the Web as a fulfillment tool that will help you become a leader in the your industry.

You need a comprehensive plan to deliver a return on investment for your online marketing investment. IMG will bring together the components that blend brand with content to enhance your web presence and drive traffic to and through your site. We provide and implement strategies for Search engine Optimization, Pay-Per Click Marketing, Strategic Linking and Online Advertising, Lead Generation Programs and E-mail Marketing. We insure that each component plays a strategic and integrated role in your online success.

We work with you every step of the way. We leave nothing to chance. We research, analyze, and evaluate the issues/market trends affecting your marketing program in order to develop the most informed and effective integrated program possible. We step into the role of the consumer to formulate solutions that will translate to dollars and keep your message at the forefront.

As part of our managed services and solutions, we offer sales management and sales representation to our custom publishing clients. We help you meet and surpass your sales goals. We provide an unmatched sales force that begins in-house and stretches across the country with recruiting methods that can attract direct-sales candidates for your publication and website . Our success is documented. We have grown some advertising revenue by over 400% of the original efforts.
    Our state-of-the-art tools allow us to develop and pursue leads, manage sales, track advertisers' proofs, invoice accurately, and report all activity. We manage all of this information in real time to ensure the achievement of your goals and objectives.

We tailor our editorial design and art direction to each project to ensure unique, inviting designs that complement the editorial and publishing mission.
    We engage the best and brightest designers to produce creative, award-level work. We use our extensive library, innovative photography and cutting-edge graphic elements to guarantee that your publication or website is sleek, fresh and imaginative. Our designers will use every tool in their artistic toolbox to make certain your publication reaches the highest standard of excellence.

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